In 1896 Georgy Lipserkov was born in Moscow.  He grew up in a family who published the Moscow newspaper "News of the Day."  Between 1907-1916 Lipserkov studied at the School of Aleksandrov in Moscow.   Once he finished school he served in the army between 1918-1922.  He then worked as a photoreporter in Moscow newspapers from 1923-1931 and soon after he was able to travel to Pamir until 1933. Between 1933-1936 he worked as a photographer for an aviation company which was named after Maxim Gorky.  In 1936 he began working for Izvestia newspaper where he flew to the North on numerous assignments.  

During World War II, Lipserkov worked as a war correspondant.  He receieved many awards including for the "Defense of Stalingrad."  In 1946 he worked for TASS and after in 1956 he worked for the publishing house "Detskaya Literatura" (Literature for Children).  In 1958 Lipserkov retired.  He died 1977 in his hometown Moscow.