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Nailya Alexander Gallery was founded in 2004 and has been a member of the Association of International Photography Art Dealers (AIPAD) since 2001.

The gallery specializes in contemporary and Russian vintage (1920s-1960s) photography, including work from World War II, and focuses on the rediscovery of lesser-known yet significant artists and periods in the history of photography. The gallery also represents the Boris Ignatovich and Arkady Shaikhet Estates.

The gallery is committed to fine-art photography, with a special emphasis on masterfully crafted prints, made by hand by the artists themselves. Artists such as Pentti Sammallahti and George Tice have perfected and elevated the processes of gelatin-silver and platinum printing, while Alexey Titarenko and Denis Brihat have invented distinctive and visionary techniques of their own, blending and layering chemicals and light so that each print becomes a unique art object in itself.

41 E 57th Street, Suite 704
New York, NY 10022
Gallery: +1 (212) 315-2211

Mobile: +1 (646) 283-3981

Nailya Alexander
Madeline Collins

Summer hours:
Open by appointment


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