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Arkady Shishkin was born in 1899 in Kukarka and later settled in Petrograd.  After the February Revolution he opened a photographic studio in Yekaterineburg, however the war intervened and he volunteered in the Red Army.  In 1922 he returned to Kukarka, where he worked as a journalist for numerous small newspapers.  Shishkin focused on village photography.  He often photographed the peasant life of the Vyatka region for magazines and nespapers, particularly for the Moscow Krestianskaya Gazeta.  

By 1923 he completed the first photo-reportages using an 18x24 camera with glass plates.  In 1928 he acquired a Leica and began to document the evolution of the Soviet Village.  He photographed everything from the peasants, various aspects of rural life, animals, incidents, events, and the appearance of new techniques.  

During the war he was an ordinary solider at the front and after was able to share his experience through his photographs with Krestianskaya.  He provided a variety of subjects such as landscapes, portraits, still-lifes as well as poster photography.  Shishkin later died in 1985.