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Press Release

Candace Dwan and Nailya Alexander are excited to announce the opening of their shared gallery space at 24 West 57th St, Suite 503. The inaugural joint exhibition, Northern Light, will run from February 11 – April 1.

The galleries will specialize in contemporary and vintage photography, with a decidedly international point of view.

Candace Dwan, previously known as Candace Perich, owns and directs a gallery by that name in Katonah, New York, established in 1995. From February on it will be known as the Candace Dwan Gallery. Dwan’s previous exhibitions at the Katonah Gallery have included important contemporary and vintage works by American artists as well as classic and contemporary French photographers (Brassaï, Boubat, Doisneau, Brihat, Mériel, and Weiss to name but a few), as well as the Finnish photographers Sammallahti and Albrecht, Polish photographer Konopka, etc.

Nailya Alexander Gallery, which specializes in Soviet photography from the 1930s-1950s and increasingly in contemporary photography, has also started exploration in the field of art video and film.

The inaugural exhibition Northern Light is co‐curated by Alexander and Dwan and features the work of Pentti Sammallahti on his native Helsinki, and Alexey Titarenko on St. Petersburg, Russia. Together the artists create a portrait of the far north that is poignant and compelling. 

The new Sammallahti monograph Helsinki will be available at the space as will a wide range of contemporary photography publications by the artists in the gallery stable. A 26‐minute documentary about Alexey Titarenko produced by ARTE French‐German TV company will be shown during the exhibition.