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Christopher Burkett (b. 1951, Pacific Northwest) became interested in photography in the mid-1970s, while he was a brother in a Christian order. Over the past forty years, he has perfected his craft as both a photographer and a master printer, particularly in the fields of large-format color photography and Cibachrome (Ilfochrome) printing. He works almost exclusively with 8 x 10 in. color transparencies and Cibachrome paper, which was discontinued in 2012 and is no longer available; Burkett continues to work from his stockpile of Cibachrome supplies. Burkett writes of his process, 

“Cibachrome is a unique printing material, with a luminosity and depth that I believe to be unsurpassed by any other photographic print medium...To master the photographic process, it is necessary to intuitively understand the nature of light and color; and their interactions with film and sensitized materials, from the moment of exposure to the final print. Only by a complete knowledge of the entire process can a person fully utilize the materials for the clearest and most complete artistic expression."